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​​​​​​​​​Learn effective mentorship skills for agile & sustainable personal and organisational success. GIBS Leader as Mentor course recognises that the gifts of knowledge, experiences, stories, and wisdom belong to both the mentor and the mentee. Mentorship is an opportunity for shared learning. This course shifts the concept of mentoring as a traditional teaching relationship to one in which a learning partnership is created between the mentor and mentee. It highlights the role of leader as mentor and offers an experiential approach to assisting leaders in becoming highly effective mentors. In addition, it helps organisations develop effective mentoring courses and cultivate a culture of collective learning, whilst simultaneously creating an enabling environment for employees to become fit for the future of work.

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Mentoring relates to Personal Development, Business

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Short Learning Programme on Mentoring and Coaching Mentoring and coaching appear in a range of different guises including mentoring, peer mentor, coaching and mentoring strategies. (The term ‘mentoring’ also features in relation to adults mentoring young).