Collaborative interpersonal skills

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Learn essential teamwork and collaboration skills to lead, build and motivate teams in the workplace.

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No matter what your job, you need the ability to work effectively with others. And, if you are also able to bring out the best in everyone you work with, the sky’s the limit for your success. Top executives repeatedly tell us that the employees who stand out are the ones with great communication and collaboration skills. In fact, most of them rank that capability higher than technical know-how. In just one day, you’ll learn how strengthening your collaboration skills will increase your personal productivity a hundred times over. Learn how to work with people more effectively in all kinds of business circumstances: One-on-one situations … temporary work groups … or even long-term teams.

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Strong collaboration is vital to creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Foster collaboration among your teams for growth and innovation. Today, collaboration is a big theme in business because it works. Here, you'll learn how to leverage your staff's individual talents and create a more cohesive work environment.